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Welcome to our Junior's Sabbath School Page!

Recommended ages for this class: 5th-8th grade

Time: 9:30- 10:45

Location: First classroom on the right in the Better Living Center (the building right next to the church)



What do we do during class time?


Meet the Teachers



Nickolas and Erica Owens are the teachers for Juniors class! They have been teaching Sabbath School for about 2 years now, although they began in Primary, they were more than excited to move up to Juniors at the beginning of this year. Nickolas is finishing up school to be a history/religion high school teacher, so he makes amazing lesson plans for each Sabbath School class. They are so excited to meet your kids and to help inspire the word of God to them.


We are looking forward to seeing you in class this upcoming Sabbath!


"Points" are given each time a student comes with their own Bible! Get enough "points" and win a prize from our prize box!